Baby Addie is basically a puppy

The Able Bodied Creatures

Let’s ask ourselves one thing about this “Dex is too offensive” bullshit: Since when do we watch the creatures to get whole hearted family fun? Uncensored and uncut is the way I wanna see The Creatures! Cmon! Dex is funny. You know it.
And another thing. Dex IS NOT replacing Sly. Sly was his own unique Creature. Dex will be his own as well! Let Sly leave with his legacy in tact. Don’t flip fuck over Dex joining as Sly makes this transition. The key factor is support. Let’s not forget the greatness they bring to YouTube. Thanks Creatures, for not only bringing great content, but dealing with unprecedented bullshit the way that you do :)
To the old and the new Creatures.